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Thank you for Your interest in jazz lewis training online! 


I look forward to Helping you with your muscular health and fitness journey! 

Training is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels

JLT Online is a subscription based investment into your muscle and joint health.

You will be provided with weekly video content consisting of the following:​​​​

Resistance Band Training

Resistance Band Training Programs (high and low intensity options)

  • Maintain and Continue Progressing muscular strength and joint health

bODY wEIGHT Training

Body Weight Training Programs (high and low intensity option)

  • Safely Build stability and control through your body


Controlled Joint ROM Training

Mobility Training Programs (low intensity)

  • Improve your joint health and the quality of motion in your body.

  • Move better... Feel better.

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular Training Programming 

  • High intensity and low intensity (seated and chair) cardio programs available

  • Decrease blood pressure, improve oxygen intake, get your heart rate up!

*Additional informative content on the topics of muscular health and joint health will be uploaded weekly.

Upon signing up you will be added to the JLT Online Facebook group and receive an email or text with access to the JLT Online Training Area. 

Resistance band set with door mount is required for door mounted resistance band training segments. *Other programs do not require bands or door mount.

Subscription Charge is $25/week and new content will be released weekly!

Register for JLT Online Here

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