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TPI Golf Performance

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K-Vest Training Systems:

- A cutting edge bio-mechanical golf assessment/training tool -

- Allows us to assess, evaluate and improve golf swings and overall golf performance -

 - The K-Vest determines the clients golf swing efficiency and highlights and trains - areas that can be improved using state of the art biofeedback systems.


- In addition, k-vest training points out swing flaws that could contribute to potential -injury and compensation patterns

Bag Mapping

- Evaluate distance control for each club in your bag - 

- Fine tuning each clubs gaping to ensure you are confident with -every every shot you hit


Titleist Performance/Client Defined Training/MST:

- The client is taken through a comprehensive assessment looking at -

 the following physical characteristics:

- Posture -

- Mobility -

- Muscular Endurance/ Fatigue Rates -

- Strength -

- Power Output -

Following the assessment, a game plan will be implemented to restore any unwanted range of motion asymmetries to the system/restore and optimize muscular function. In addition the client will receive a tailored exercise program that will challenge and progress the clients muscular system for optimal golf performance.

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Initial Intake (Baseline MSS/TPI assessment, Sky track and Video Analysis, K-Vest Baseline Assessment/Training) ~ 2 hrs

K-vest/golf performance training ~ 1 - 1.5 hrs


TPI Golf Fitness Training


Muscular System Treatments

*Ask about our GOLF Rx Training Packages at the consultation.

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